Doheny Drive (Hilde i L.A)

Doheny Drive

So I have decided to shake things up a bit, and start to write my blog in English. This blog was originally a simple way for me to communicate with my family and friends back home in Norway, and update them about my life here in L.A. The nine hour time difference sadly makes it really hard to stay in touch with everyone back home. However, since I´m moving back to Norway in a couple of weeks I really want to be able to keep my friends here in the U.S up to speed on how I´m doing. I will also focus more on fashion and photography than earlier. 

I love all the streets in Beverly Hills. This is from my walk on Doheny Drive earlier tonight!

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09.08.2012 kl.11:33

Kul blogg! Legg gjerne til noen bilder til salg, kanskje du tjener noen kroner :)

Lykke til i hvertfall :)

Elina K.

12.08.2012 kl.07:39

LOVE that picture, and LOVE even more that I can understand what you are writing now! :)


13.08.2012 kl.03:13

Elina K.: Thank you beautiful!!:) And thank you for two amazing days!

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