Sayers (Hilde i L.A)


Yesterday was so much fun! Veronica and I were invited to a store event on Sunset Boulevard, with an open bar and the most beautiful group of people I have ever seen. It was filled with models. It´s always fun to see people that you have watched on television while growing up, and the guy who played Steve Urkel (the nerdy guy with the big glasses) was there. My teenage crush from Mean Girls was also there, and I´ve probably seen that film about ten-fifteen times. I'm such a nerd! After the party a group of us went to Sayers  on Hollywood Boulevard, and enjoyed some great music and drinks!

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Elina K.

12.08.2012 kl.07:36

Sounds like an amazing night! Haha, you're not the only nerd.. I love Mean Girls too. :)

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